These procedures are followed when a customer has a serious complaint about an item in the library collection.

  1. The customer will receive a copy of the Materials Selection Policy that contains a Materials Reconsideration Form.
  2. The customer will read the Materials Selection Policy.  If, after review of the policy, the customer would like to fill out a Materials Reconsideration Form, the customer may do so and return the form to the library.
  3. The purpose of the form is to ensure that the Director understands the nature of the complaint.
  4. Library staff will seriously consider the complaint.  The Director will convene a committee of librarians that will read or view the material to determine whether or not it meets the criteria of the Materials Selection Policy.  After the committee makes a decision, the Director will respond in writing.

Appeals Process – Approved by the Board of Library Trustees October 21, 2008

If a customer has received a reply to a Materials Reconsideration Form, or other complaint, in writing and wants to appeal this decision to the Board, the customer must call or write the Library Director to schedule an appearance before the Board.  The request for appeal must be received at the Library within thirty (30) days of the date of the reply.

The Board will add the appearance to the agenda during the next meeting unless special guests are already on the agenda or urgent library business does not allow for additional agenda items.  If that is the case, the Board will provide time on the agenda during the next available month.

Customers may provide written documentation and may make statements.  Statements are limited to twenty (20) minutes.  The Board may then ask questions, provide comments, and conduct a discussion.  The Board meetings are public, but spectators may not participate in the discussion, only the appellant.

The Board will reply to the customer in writing within forty- five (45) days.

Previously Reviewed Items

In the event that a Material Reconsideration Form is filed on an item that has been previously reviewed by a Director’s Panel, as a result of an earlier filing, the Director may at his/her discretion, decline to convene another panel and may reply with a copy of the previous finding attached to a cover letter explaining the circumstances.

If the Board of Library Trustees has heard an appeal of a decision of a Director’s Review Panel concerning an item, and rendered a decision thereon, the Board may at its discretion decline to hear another appeal on the same item, and may reply with a letter explaining the circumstances.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees, November 18, 2008
Reaffirmed: October 17, 2017