Want even more chances to win?? Complete activities in Beanstack to earn fun badges and more tickets!

1000 hours outside challenge badge1,000 Hours Outside

• Take your lunch break or conference call outside.
• Borrow a birdwatching guide from the library and go outside to find some new feathered friends.
• Organize a community game of kickball.
• Have a backyard campout.
• Help your garden grow–plant something new or tend to your veggies or flowers.
• Hunt for fossils, shark teeth or sea glass at a local beach.

badge imageBe a Friend

• Offer to help a friend with a problem–or just be a good listener.
• Share a good read–recommend a book to a friend.
• Take a walk with a friend–good company and good exercise!
• Show your furry friends you love them too–read to your pet!
• Write to or call a friend that you have not heard from for a while.

badge imageCalvert Library on Social Media

• Follow Calvert Library on Facebook.
• Like a Calvert Library post on Instagram.
• Subscribe to Calvert Library’s YouTube channel.
• Follow Calvert Library on Twitter.
• Check out Calvert Library on TikTok.
• Become a CLambassador–use your social media accounts to become an advocate for Calvert Library.

badge imageBetter Together

• Share your time—volunteer at your favorite local charity.
• Help a neighbor with chores or surprise them with a little treat.
• Meet someone new–get to know someone who is different from you.
• Read a book that features characters that are different from yourself.

badge image

Calvert Library Mobile Services

• Check out the schedule of community stops for the Bookmobile. Find one near you!
• Visit the Bookmobile at a community event.

badge image

Calvert Library’s Online Resources

• Visit Freegal and download three free songs.
• Go to Kanopy and stream a movie.
• Download the Libby app and check out a book, audiobook or magazine.
• Visit Hoopla and download a book, audiobook, movie or music.
• Go to LinkedIn Learning and learn something new.

badge imageFamily Time

• Share a family read aloud—read a chapter each night!
• Make a date to meet family or friends for a meal.
• Have a game night with family or friends.
• Listen to stories from an elder friend or family member.
• Work together to preserve family stories, traditions or history.

badge imageGo Team

• Organize a game of pickleball or whiffle ball with the neighbors.
• Take a walk—bring your friends and don’t forget the furry ones!
• Gather with friends or family to enjoy watching your favorite sport.
• Make up your own new game.
• Read a book that features a sport or activity you would like to learn more about.
• Get some exercise—it’s more fun with your “team!”

Movie Magic

• Check out a DVD from your local library.
• See all of the movies available to stream from the library’s online platform, Kanopy.
• Check out Kanopy Kids for the best in entertainment for the little ones!
• Check out a book that is the basis for a movie.
• Cast yourself in your favorite movie—what part would you play?

badge imageThere’s An App for That!

• Download the Calvert Library app.
• Using the app, check your account.
• Put an item on hold on your app.
• Check out a book using the app.

badge imageEarth Day Every Day

• Check out a book at the library to get new ideas about how to better care for the planet.
• Do your part–pick up trash that you see in the park or around your community.
• Recycle with pizzazz–research ways to make art with items that you might otherwise throw away.
• Be part of the solution–plant new flowers and plants around your home.

badge imageRead Me a Story

• Check out a book on CD from the library.
• Download the Libby or Hoopla app and check out a new digital audiobook.
• Try something new—check out an audiobook on a digital audio player.
• Be your own audiobook—read a story aloud to friends or family.

badge imageYou’re Speaking My Language

• Use Mango Languages on the library’s website to learn a new language!
• Check out a bilingual book from the library.
• Learn how to introduce yourself and say hello in a new language.
• Check out a book or audiobook to help you learn a new language.
• Learn how to count to 10 in a new language.

badge imageTake Care of Yourself

• Meditate, try yoga or do something else that relaxes you.
• Start a memory book or document your thoughts in a journal.
• Take a bubble bath.
• Start a gratitude list–add all of the things for which you are thankful.
• Color, draw or otherwise create your own artwork.
• Listen to your favorite calming music.

Full STEAM Ahead!

• Attend Summer STEAM at any library branch this summer.
• Learn how to do something new on your computer, phone or tablet.
• Use blocks, Legos, sticks or cardboard to build something from your imagination.
• Create art–of any kind!
• Check a book out from the library to learn about a science topic that interests you.
• Practice your math skills–measure the ingredients of a new recipe.

badge imageAdventure Awaits

• Take a picture of what you are reading on your summer adventures this year–in Calvert County or around the world!
• Visit the local library wherever you travel this summer.
• Travel the imaginative way–check out a book that takes place in a country you have never visited. Where will Calvert Library help you travel in your imagination?
• Write a story that takes place in a world from your imagination. What is your world called?