The purpose of Art in the Stacks is to showcase artists of Southern Maryland and/or artwork
with Southern Maryland themes.

An Art Coordinator is designated by each Calvert Library location to coordinate displays.

  1. Subject matter and content of all artwork on display must be appropriate for family
  2. Final acceptance of art is at the discretion of the Art Coordinator and the Branch
  3. Installation and dismantling is the responsibility of the artist and must be scheduled
    with the Art Coordinator.
  4. Responsibility: The Library is not responsible for any damage to or theft of the artwork.
    The Library carries no insurance for exhibited artwork, nor does it hire security for its
  5. Identification: Artwork may be identified by a small sign (no larger than 3″ x 5″) on the
    lower right corner of the artwork. The sign may include the name of artist, the title of
    work, contact information, and price if the piece is for sale. Library staff will not act as
    sales agents.
  6. Artists will be required to abide by the Art Display guidelines and sign a Calvert Library
    Art Display Memorandum of Understanding.

Date Approved, Board of Library Trustees, April 12, 2016
Updated, Board of Library Trustees, November 21, 2023