Welcome to the Calvert County History Digital Library! Here you will find digitized reproductions and resources that celebrate Calvert County’s broad history.

  • The Photo Gallery is a collection of historic photographs collected for the Southern Maryland Regional Library grant, Southern Maryland Today.
  • In the News Articles collection, you will find the reproduction of the Historic Highlights section of the 300th birthday edition of the Calvert Independent Newspaper, printed in 1954.

Many of the photographs used in the Photo Gallery can be found and viewed at Calvert Library Prince Frederick or the Southern Maryland Studies Center. Photographs from the Southern Maryland Today collection which are outside the scope of this site, including historical photographs from St. Mary’s County and Charles County can also be viewed there. The collection is also in microfilm format.

The Calvert County, Maryland Tercentenary, a 1954 bound edition of clippings and sections of the September 23, 1954 Calvert Independent, can be found and viewed in the reference section of all Calvert Library locations. Thank you to Lisa Tassa for her work on this project.