Meet the Board

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Board of Trustees

The library is governed by a Board of Library Trustees composed of seven members. A Board member is appointed to a five-year term and may serve any number of terms but may serve no more than two consecutive terms. Officers are elected each year for one-year term. The powers and duties of the Board are outlined in §§ 23-401, et seq. of the Education Article of the Annotated Code of Maryland.

Bylaws of the Board of Library Trustees

Board Members

Name Title
Carolyn McHugh President
Catherine Grasso Vice President
Delores Brown Trustee
vacant Trustee
Martha Grahame Trustee
Kip At Lee Trustee
Jeffrey Lewis Trustee
Carrie Willson-Plymire Calvert Library Director
2017 Board of Library Trustees

2017 Board of Library Trustees
Left to Right: Delores Brown, Martha Grahame, Carolyn McHugh, Stewart Cumbo, Jeffrey Lewis, Catherine Grasso, Karen Eggert


Seven citizens of Calvert County. Appointments are made from nominees provided to County Commissioners of Calvert County by the membership of the Board of Library Trustees.


The Board meets, at least every 3 months, on the second Tuesday of the month at 2:00pm. Meetings are held at Calvert Library Prince Frederick unless another location is specified.