It is the policy of Calvert Library to provide computers for public use. Computers are provided to meet educational, personal, and professional needs of library customers.

All library customers may use library computers as described in this policy and related procedures. There is no charge to use the computers. The library charges for printing and storage devices.

Customers are responsible for the correct use and handling of all computer hardware and software. Children 7 years old and under must use computers with a parent or responsible adult.

Computers in the children’s department are reserved for use by children 12 and under.  If there is not a waiting list of children, adults may use a computer in this area when they are supervising a child nearby.

Computers in the teen area at Prince Frederick are reserved for use by teenagers, ages 13 to 19.

Customers are responsible for damage to and loss of hardware and software due to negligence.  Replacement costs apply in cases of loss and damage. The library is not responsible for any damage to customer storage media.

Calvert Library is unable to guarantee that any data entered on the computer will remain private, as the computers are public machines.

Customers must comply with the Internet Safety Policy.

Customers may sign in with a library card at any available computer. Guest passes are available from a staff member.

More than one person may be at a computer at one time; however, staff may limit that number according to available space and noise level.

A customer may use a computer for one hour and may stay longer if no one is waiting. If, after one hour, another person requests the computer, the current customer is allowed 10 minutes to finish.

Drinks with sturdy lids are allowed near the computers. Customers may eat snacks while using computers.

Customers may not store to the hard drive or install software. Customers may not alter library hardware. Personal devices or peripherals may be attached to public computers, but they may not be supported by the computer’s software.

Software is copyright protected and may not be copied or downloaded.

Staff will offer basic assistance with computer hardware, software, and peripherals. Staff are not experts in all programs.  Manuals and on-line help are available for customer use.


Approved, Board of Library Trustees, January 21, 1997

Revised, Board of Library Trustees, September 16, 1997, January 20, 1998,
September 19, 2000, September 16, 2003, September 21, 2004, June 21, 2005,
August 15, 2006, August 19, 2008, December 20, 2011, November 10, 2015