It is the policy of the library to offer customers Internet access on library computers and
to advise customers as to the safe use of the Internet.
Only the Calvert Library web site is maintained by the library. The library has no control
over and is not responsible for the content of any other sites. Information on the Internet
is not always accurate, authoritative, or factual. Information may be erroneous, out-ofdate,
illegal, or considered offensive, controversial, or sexually explicit.

Library computer hardware and software are not to be used for any unlawful purpose
including but not limited to fraud, gambling, hacking, or child pornography. Tampering
with or altering the library’s software or hardware is prohibited.

Obscenity and child pornography are illegal and therefore prohibited. The viewing of
pages that display graphic pornography is inappropriate for a public and open
environment and is prohibited.

Parents are responsible for the safety and security of minors when using e-mail, chat, or
other direct electronic communications. Parents are responsible to prevent minors from
disclosing personal information on the Internet.

In compliance with the Supreme Court decision on June 23, 2003, related to the
Children’s Internet Protection Act, the library is required to filter computers. Minors
(under the age of 17) are prohibited from viewing or accessing obscenity and
pornography on computers in the library. A technology protection measure (filter) blocks
these depictions. This filter blocks sites considered to be adult or sexually explicit. The
filter is installed on all computers used by the public to access the Internet.

Blocked web sites may be appealed. A customer who believes the filter blocks a nonprohibited
web site is asked to provide the web site address to a librarian.
Librarians will accommodate requests from customers 18 years old and older for bona
fide research on an unfiltered computer.

Calvert Library encourages customers to be responsible and considerate citizens in their
use of the Internet in this public setting. Library staff will observe monitors and any
inappropriate use will be stopped immediately. Failure to comply with this policy may
result in loss of access. Customers will abide by the judgment of the librarian.
Date Approved, Board of Library Trustees, December 20, 2011
Revised and approved, Board of Library Trustees, August 11, 2015