Calvert Library offers In-House Use Laptops, Chromebooks, Mobile Hotspots, Chromebook/Hotspot Bundles, and C-Pens for our customers to use. For all of these types, the following applies:

  • Customers must have a regular, up-to-date Calvert Library account in good standing in order to check out loanable technology. (not a CRAB/Kids Card)
  • Customers are responsible for loss of, or any damage incurred to, the loanable technology while in their care. Replacement costs are as follows:
    • In-House Use Laptops:
      • Laptop – $1,200
      • Charging Cord – $130
    • Chromebooks:
      • Chromebook – $300
      • Chromebook Charger – $20
      • Chromebook Case – $30
    • Mobile Hotspots:
      • Hotspot – $100
      • Hotspot Case – $30
    • C-Pens:
      • C-Pen – $250

A maximum of one Hotspot, one Chromebook and one C-Pen may be checked out to a library account at one time. Only one in-house use laptop may be checked out to a library account at one time.

Further information about In-House Use Laptops:

  • These laptops are available to be used solely in the library and may never be left unattended.
  • The laptop may be used for one hour per day, longer if no one else is waiting.
  • Data may not be saved to the laptop’s hard drive.
  • Laptop users will comply with the Computer Use policy and the Internet Safety policy.

This policy replaces and supersedes the Laptop Use Policy

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees on October 18, 2022

Updated by the Board of Library Trustees on September 19, 2023