Calvert Library Shares COVID Information
July 28, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Robyn Truslow 410-535-0291
Unfortunately, COVID is ramping back up locally. The Delta variant is now the dominant strain of COVID in Maryland and it multiplies faster, generates a higher number of viral particles and attaches to our cells more effectively than the alpha variant. Studies have shown that the Delta variant is 80% more likely to require hospitalization than the original COVID strain. According to the Calvert Health Department’s Facebook post on July 28, 2021, “An unvaccinated person is 6-times more likely to get sick and 30-times more likely to end up in the hospital than a vaccinated person of the same age and general health.” Vaccines continue to be available from the Health Department and appointments are easy to get through or by calling 410-535-5400×388<×388>.
The CDC recommends masks indoors in public, even for fully vaccinated people, in areas of substantial or high transmission. While our increasing positivity numbers thankfully don’t meet the “substantial transmission” levels, Calvert Library wants all our customers to stay healthy and, in partnership with Calvert County Health Department, is recommending that customers and staff wear a mask in indoor public spaces regardless of vaccination status. It’s a simple thing we can do to help keep transmission and hospital rates low in Calvert County. For more information, call Robyn Truslow at 410-535-0291.
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