Each Calvert Library location has many computers for free public use.

Public Access Computer Policy

WiFi Access

We provide free wireless access for customers wishing to use their own personal devices in our branches. After connecting to our network and launching the web browser, you can connect to our network. Please ask a librarian for this information.

Wireless Internet Access Policy

Lendable Technology

Need to borrow a Chromebook or hotspot to take home? Check out our Lendable Technology page.


For added convenience, Calvert Library has at least one laptop per branch that customers can borrow for in-library use. Please note:

  • Customer must sign the laptop user agreement
  • Laptops must remain in the building
  • Customer are responsible for any loss or damage to the equipment

Laptop User Policy and Agreement

Print / Copy

The library has a high-speed copy/print release station in each branch. Calvert Library Prince Frederick also has an additional print release and photocopy station as well as a printer in our Children’s Department.

Fees for black & white copies are $0.20/page. Color copies are $0.50 per side.

The printing and photocopying machines accept nickels, dimes, quarters, as well as $1 and $5 bills.


Customers can send faxes from our branches by speaking to a librarian at the circulation desk. The fee for domestic faxing is $1.00 per page. The cover page is free.

Calvert Library can receive faxes on behalf of a customer as well. The fax should include a cover sheet with the customer’s name and the number of pages in the fax. Fax receiving cost is $1 per page.

Items for Sale

For your convenience, Calvert Library sells items to make your computer use more effective and enjoyable.

Earbuds $1.00
Headphones $3.00
USB Mass Storage contact branch


Each location has a print release and photocopy station which is also available for document scanning. You can scan directly to your own USB Mass Storage device or directly to an email recipient of your choosing.

There is no fee for scanning.

Microfilm Scanner

Calvert Library Prince Frederick has available a ScanPro 2200 microfilm scanner. Users may save microfilm images to a flash drive, send documents by email, or print copies of the images. There is no cost for saving or emailing images. Standard printing costs apply.