kajeet imageTake the internet with you!

  • FREE portable WiFi units
  • 2 week check-outs (not auto renewable)
  • An excellent tool for students, job seekers and anyone without WiFi needing online information
  • Must be 16+ years old to check out
  • No overdue fines!
  • Must have a full-access library card in good standing
  • Mobile Hotspots are location-dependent and will only work if the WiFi vendor’s signal reaches into the area
  • Mobile Hotspots are Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) filtered
  • 200 Megabytes (MB) per day
  • 200MB of data will provide up to, on average:

    1,000 text emails
    50 emails with photo attachments
    150 emails with other attachments
    60 social media posts with photos uploaded
    400 web pages viewed
    Streaming media and downloads of apps or songs would
    likely increase the usage over 200 MB. Source: AT&T data calculator