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A WiFi hotspot is a device that allows you to connect your enabled devices (e.g. laptop, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to the internet. The hotspot is portable so you can connect your device almost wherever you go. Check out a mobile hotspot with your library card!

Calvert Library offers mobile hotspots on two networks.

Kajeet hotspots provide limited data on the Verizon network.
o View the Verizon coverage map.
o Check out a Kajeet Verizon hotspot today!

Mobile Beacon hotspots provide unlimited data on the Sprint network.
o View the Sprint coverage map.
o Check out a Mobile Beacon Sprint hotspot today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to check out a hotspot?
You need to be 16 years old or older, with a valid library card in good standing. One hotspot per library card.

How long is the checkout period?
The checkout period is 14 days, with no renewals.

Are there data limits?

Kajeet Verizon hotspots are limited to 300MB of data per day. You can monitor your daily data usage at kajeet.com/status.

300MB of data will provide up to, on average:

950 emails sent/received with attachments
3-4 hours of streaming music
50 webpages visited
56 social media posts with photos uploaded
4 Apps/games/songs downloaded

Streaming media uses more data and could increase usage over 300 MB.
Source: AT&T international data calculator.

Mobile Beacon Sprint hotspots have no data limits.

If the device is overdue the data will be turned off.

Are there overdue fines?
There are no overdue fines for hotspots. If the hotspot is overdue, data will be suspended and the device will not work. If the device is more than 45 days overdue, your account will be billed the cost of the hotspot ($120).

How much does it cost to replace the hotspot if lost or damaged?
The charge for the entire kit is $120.
Individual lost/damaged items are priced as follows:
Hotspot: $100
Charger: $10
Case: $10

What if the Verizon or Sprint signal doesn’t reach my home or area?
The hotspots are location dependent and will only work if the network’s signal reaches the area. We can make no guarantees of connectivity. You may wish to consult the network coverage maps, but please note that the coverage map DOES NOT guarantee coverage. There could be other factors that limit a connection in certain areas that would appear to have coverage based on the map.

Are the hotspots filtered?
The hotspots are filtered to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act.