#calvertREADS Summer FAQ’s2021-05-03T14:30:01-04:00
How do I sign up for a Beanstack account?2020-06-17T10:26:59-04:00


  • Go to Beanstack.
  • Click “Register an Individual or Family” then “I am registering myself” to register yourself or “I am an adult registering a child” to register a child on their behalf.
  • You will have the chance to add as many readers to your account as you like, so we recommend registering yourself and then adding the other readers in your household to the same account.  Only one login!
  • Complete all required fields then click “Next” and your account is active!
  • You will then be given the option to add other adult readers to your account, then any children in your household.  Each reader is awarded a badge (and a ticket toward prizes) just for signing up!
May I add more than one reader to my account?2020-06-16T15:56:04-04:00
  • Of course. You can set up as many profiles as you like, for readers of any age.
  • If you’re a parent who reads aloud to more than one kid at a time, you can credit that reading time to multiple children’s accounts with a single click in the Beanstack Tracker App—no need to log it in separately for each of your avid listeners.
How do I register for the summer challenge if I already have a Beanstack account?2021-05-03T13:49:11-04:00
  • Open the Beanstack webpage.
  • Click “Sign In” in the upper righthand corner
  • Log into your Beanstack account with email/username and password
  • Update your reader’s information if requested
  • Click “Register for this Challenge” under each reader’s name to get signed up.
  • Each reader earns a badge just for signing up (and a ticket toward great prizes)!
What do I do if I forgot my password?2021-05-03T13:50:05-04:00
  • If there is an email address connected to your Beanstack account, simply click “Sign In” in the upper right hand corner of the Beanstack landing page.
  • Then click “Forgot Your Password.”
  • An email will be sent that will allow you to reset your password.
  • If you do not have an email attached to your account, please email getanswers@calvertlibrary.info or call 410-535-0291 for help resetting.
How do I update my password?2020-06-02T17:48:24-04:00

Tap that little “gear” button in the top right and hit “Edit Account.”

How do I log my minutes?2021-05-03T13:51:34-04:00
  • From your Beanstack home page, click “Log Reading and Activities” in the upper left hand corner of the screen.
  • From the drop down, choose the reader whose log you would like to add to or choose all readers to log for everyone on your account.
  • Click “Log Minutes” under “How do you want to log?”
  • The date will automatically be selected as the current date. Click on the calendar if you would like to log for a different date.
  • Add “Time Spent Reading” in hours/minutes. Title, Author and Adding a Review are optional but may be completed.
  • When done, click “Log.”
  • Earn more badges and tickets the more time you read!
How do I complete an activity?2021-05-03T13:52:32-04:00

Activities can be completed to earn badges and tickets throughout the summer!
• To complete an activity, click “Log Reading and Activities” in the upper left hand corner of the Beanstack home page.
• Choose the reader who is completing the activity (or choose “all readers” if everyone completed the activity together!).
• Under “How do you want to log?” click “Complete an activity.”
• Displayed you will see all the activity badges that are available to earn in the program.
• Click each badge to see the activities you can do—complete two activities to earn each badge!

How do I write a review?2020-06-02T18:09:57-04:00

Whenever you add to your reading log, you have the opportunity to add a review!

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and use the down arrow to change “Would you like to include a review?” to “Yes.”
  • When the “Write a Review” window opens, select the reader’s profile who will be completing the review.
  • Add the Book Title, Author and your comments (with or without Emoticons!) then click “Save.”
  • Add a review anytime by clicking “Add a Review” at the top of your home page.
    • You may choose to Write a Review or Post a Picture Review from this tab.
    • You are also given the opportunity to add the book to your log from this page if you have not already done so.
    • For Picture Reviews—be creative! Draw a picture, make something out of clay, Legos or origami or even film a short video about your book. Select the Reader’s Profile (who is adding the review) and add a Picture Review name. Add the Book Title and Author and then upload your photo or video file and click “Save.”
What are tickets? How do I earn them?2021-05-03T13:53:10-04:00
  • Tickets are earned with every logging or activity badge that you earn!
  • Earn your first ticket just by registering for #calvertREADS 2021!
  • Earn 1 ticket for every 20 minutes read and 2 tickets for each activity badge.
  • You can enter right away or save up your tickets and distribute them to drawings later.
How do I enter my tickets in a drawing?2020-06-16T16:04:41-04:00
  • Every time you earn a badge, you will be given the opportunity to distribute the tickets you have been rewarded to a drawing of your choice.
  • Click “Enter a Drawing” from the pop-up window to view your total number of earned tickets and all the drawings that you may enter!
  • You can add tickets to a drawing anytime by clicking on the Ticket Drawings tab on your home page.
  • Once in Ticket Drawings, you can view your total number of available tickets at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to see all the drawings you may enter.
  • Please note—drawings close at different times throughout the course of the summer. Check the date at the top of the drawing title for its closing date. No tickets can be added after 11:59pm on that date.
  • To enter a drawing, click “Add Tickets” under the drawing description.
  • In the pop-up window, click the “-“ or “+” to add or remove tickets from this drawing.
  • Click “Enter Ticket” to save the number of tickets you wish to enter.
  • You will receive a confirmation of the number of tickets you entered with an update of the number you have left.
  • Tickets may be added or subtracted from any drawings at any time up to the closing date.
How do I stop getting emails from Beanstack?2020-06-04T11:14:50-04:00

Fill out form 247-GS in triplicate, then get a self-addressed, stamped envelope… Kidding, kidding. Just click “Edit Reader” (it’s right next to your name) and hit “No” under Email Notifications.

Is there an app I can use to keep track of my reading?2020-06-04T11:17:44-04:00

YES! The Beanstack Tracker app is the easiest way to keep track of your reading, activities and reviews! The app can be downloaded from the Apple app store or Google Play for free!

How do I get started with the Beanstack Tracker app?2021-05-03T13:56:16-04:00
  • Once downloaded, click “Let’s Go.”
  • How do you want to use Beanstack? Click “School, Library or Bookstore”
  • Search for Calvert Library in “find a site” window and click on it.
  • If you already have a Beanstack account, enter your email/username and password and you are ready to go!
  • If you do not yet have a Beanstack account, click “Sign Up!”
  • Create an account by choosing a username, add your email and create a password then click “Continue.”
  • Add your first and last name, click “Continue.”
  • Add phone number, if desired and zip code, click “Continue.”
  • Select the library branch you most often visit and click “Continue.”
  • Then click “Fill Out My Reader Profile.”
  • Add your age and click “Continue.”
  • Add a profile picture if you wish and then click “Continue.”
  • Select your grade level and school, if applicable and click “Continue.”
  • Confirm your library branch with “Continue.”
  • Then choose if you would like to receive weekly book recommendations via email by selecting “Send Recommendations” or “No thanks.”
  • You are ready to go!
Can I add other readers to my Beanstack Tracker app account?2020-06-17T10:33:30-04:00
  • You can add readers any time!
  • Click on “Account.”
  • Then “Readers.”
  • Then“Add a Reader.”
  • Complete the reader profile with name and age then click “Continue.”
  • Add a reader profile picture if desired.
  • Then click “Continue.”
  • Select the reader’s grade level and school, if applicable.
  • Confirm library branch with “Continue.”
  • Then choose if you would like to receive weekly book recommendations for this reader via email by selecting “Send Recommendations.” or “No thanks.”
  • Select “Add Another Reader” or “I’m done adding readers” to continue.
How do I register for a challenge on the app?2020-06-16T16:10:52-04:00
  • Click on the Discover tab to see all current challenges for which you may register.
  • To enroll, click “Register” under the program description.
  • You earn a badge and ticket just for signing up!
How do I log minutes on the app?2021-05-03T13:59:02-04:00
  • Click the “+” to open the window for logging.
  • Click “Reading” to log your time.
  • Choose the reader(s) you want to log for.
  • Choose your logging method—you may scan the ISBN of your book using your camera’s phone, search recently logged titles or log minutes only.
  • If you scan the ISBN and the title is in the Beanstack database, the app with autofill the title information. Click “Save” to begin a Reading Session.
  • The Beanstack Tracker App will help log your reading time by beginning a timer as you begin your book.
  • Click “Start Reading Session” and your time will begin!
  • Pause anytime and click “Done” when completed.
  • Fill in your starting page (if desired) then click “Next.”
  • Click “Finish.”
  • The app will automatically log your time!

Alternately, once you enter your title information,

  • You can click “Log Past Reading” or “Quick Log” the title as complete.
  • To add reading time without entering title information, open the logging window (click “+”) then select “Reading.”
    • Choose your reader.
    • Click “Log a Day, Minutes or Pages Only.”
    • Edit the date if necessary.
    • Add the number of minutes that you read.
    • Click “Finish” to log.
How do I complete an activity on the app?2020-06-17T10:35:34-04:00
  • Click the “+” to open the window for logging.
  • Click “Activity” and choose the reader(s) who will be logging a completed activity.
  • Choose an Activity Badge to view the activities to be completed.
  • Simply click the square next to the activity to mark it as completed.
  • Click the back arrow at the top left to return to the list of Activity Badges.
  • Close to return to the main screen.
How do I write a review on the app?2021-05-03T14:00:05-04:00
  • Click the “+” to open the window for logging.
  • Click “Review” and choose the reader who will be entering a review.
  • Choose the book title either by scanning the ISBN with your phone’s camera, searching for recently logged items or manually entering the title information.
  • If you scan the ISBN and the title is in the Beanstack database, the app will autofill the title information.
  • Click “Save” then click “Write Review.”
  • Enter your review and click “Post” to save.
How do I enter my tickets in drawings on the app?2021-05-03T14:01:29-04:00
  • To spend your tickets on a drawing, click on the #calvertREADS Summer challenge
  • Click Drawings.
  • The number of tickets that you have to spend will appear at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down to see all of the prize options.
  • To enter a ticket in a drawing, click on the prize.
  • Then click Add Tickets.
  • Use the “+” sign to add the number of tickets you would like to place in that drawing.
  • Then click Add Tickets.

Tickets can be added and subtracted at any time, but please note the date of each drawing—prizes will be drawn throughout the summer. Tickets must be entered by 11:59pm the date of the drawing to qualify.

Be sure to change to each of your reader’s profiles by clicking on the initials on the top right of the screen to switch readers. Tickets must be entered separately for each reader.

Can I change my password on the app?2020-06-16T15:47:34-04:00
  • Sure! Just click “Account” in the bottom left hand corner then “Account” from the menu.
  • Click on the account that you wish to update.
  • Type in the new password and then click “Save.”
  • You may also update your username, email, contact information and preferred library branch on this page.
What if I need more help?2020-06-04T11:38:03-04:00

Please contact Calvert Library at 410-535-0291 for any additional questions!

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