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Adventure with Calvert Library Mobile Services

Adventures with Movies

  • Check out a DVD or Blu-ray from your local library.
  • See all of the movies available to stream from Calvert Library’s online platform, Kanopy.
  • Check out Kanopy Kids for the best in entertainment for the little ones!
  • Attend a Monday Movie Musings at Calvert Library in July or August.
  • Check out a book that a movie was based on. Which was better–the book or the movie?
  • Cast yourself in your favorite movie–what part would you play?
  • Check out the Summer Mini-Movie Festival at Calvert Library Prince Frederick on June 29.

Share the Adventure

  • Snap a picture of what you are reading during your summer adventures–in Calvert County or around the world! Message Calvert Library on Facebook with your photo.
  • Visit a local library wherever you travel this summer. What did you think was great about the library? Message Calvert Library on Facebook with your photo.
  • Write a story that takes place in a world from your imagination. What is your world called? Share your world with a friend or a family member.
  • Travel the imaginative way–check out a book that takes place somewhere you have never visited before. Why did you choose this adventure? Share this with a friend.

All About STEAM

  • Attend SummerSTEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) at any library branch this summer.
  • Go outside and create art (of any kind)!
  • Check a book out from the library to learn about a science topic that interests you.
  • Learn how to do something new on your computer, phone, or tablet. What did you learn?
  • Use blocks, Legos, sticks, or cardboard to build something from your imagination. What did you build?

Calvert Library’s Online Resources

  • Visit Freegal and download three free songs.
  • Go to Kanopy and stream a movie.
  • Download the Libby app and check out a book, audiobook, or magazine.

Celebrate Smokey Bear

Community Adventure

  • Read a book that features characters that are different from yourself. What did you learn about their community?
  • Share your time–volunteer at your favorite local charity.
  • Help someone with their chores or surprise them with a little treat.
  • If you are a teen, sign up to be part of TACOS (Teen Advisory Council of Students) and earn community service hours for graduation–a win-win adventure!

Adventurous Reader

  • Learn about a place you have never been but would love to go to one day. What did you learn? Do you still want to go? Why or why not?
  • Listen to music from another culture through Freegal. What did you think?
  • Read stories from different cultures. Did you learn anything new? Did you notice any similarities with stories from your culture?

Family Adventures

  • Listen to stories from an elder friend or family member. What did you learn about them?
  • Work together to preserve family stories, traditions, or history. How did you go about doing this (e.g., recording their stories, writing down what they said, creating a photo album, etc.)?
  • Enjoy a family story. Explore BookFlix to build a love of reading and learning for kids.
  • Go camping with your family or friends.

Online Adventures

Out of This World Adventures

  • Research stars or constellations. Design your own constellation and the myth to explain it.
  • Look online for a guide to constellations. See if you can find your favorite constellation in the nighttime sky.
  • Imagine you were going into space—make a list of the five things you would bring with you. Compare your list to your family or friend’s.
  • Go outside and read beneath the stars (don’t forget a flashlight).
  • Using supplies around your house, build a rocket, a model of the solar system, or the International Space Station. What did you choose to build and why?

Outside Adventures

  • Have a backyard campout.
  • Help your garden grow–plant something new or tend to your veggies or flowers.
  • Hunt for fossils, shark teeth, or sea glass at a local beach.
  • Organize a community game.
  • Take your lunch break or conference call outside.
  • Treasure hunt in nature by going geocaching locally.

Summer Adventures with Calvert Library

    • Attend our Summer Fun Performer Kickoff with Culture Queen on June 15th 10 am & 12:30 pm ( Calvert Library Prince Frederick).
    • Attend Summer Fun with Didgeridoo Down Under on June 27th at 10 am (Twin Beaches Branch) or 11 am (Calvert Library Prince Frederick).
    • Attend Summer Fun with the Maryland Science Center on June 30th at 2:30 pm (Fairview Branch).
    • Attend Summer Fun with Reptile Wonders on July 11th at 10 am or 11:15 am (Twin Beaches Branch) or 2:00 pm (Calvert Library Prince Frederick).
    • Attend Summer Fun with Meki’s Temure Polynesian Arts Group on July 25th at 10 am (Dunkirk Firehouse) or 2:00 pm (Southern Community Center).
    • Attend Brian Curry’s Magic show on August 8th at 10 am (Dunkirk Firehouse) or 2:00 pm (Southern Community Center) or 6 pm (Calvert Library Prince Frederick).
  • Check out Calvert Library’s Discord server for teens.
  • Attend a Storytime and enjoy some fun.
  • Join a Book Discussion–online or in person.

There’s An App for That!

  • Download the Calvert Library app.
  • Using the app, check your account.
  • Put an item on hold on your app.
  • Check out a book using the app.

Water Adventures

  • Read or listen to a book with “water” or “ocean” in the title.
  • Go to the beach or enjoy a title with a beach on the cover.
  • Swim in your local pool.
  • Go kayaking or canoeing.
  • Splash through a creek or river near you.
  • Pretend to play with your favorite animals in the sink or bath.